10172649 280546295442709 766371324597441394 n      Julien HERAULT comes from a farmer family for several generations. His professional part-time training has enabled him to gain skills in the field in farms with different productions in France as well as in Canada and Australia.

With his qualification in farm Machinery, he increased his professional experiences as driver in cooperatives in the use of farm machineary (CUMA) and firms specialised in farm works (ETA). He then became a skilled teacher in farm machinery and developped a great number of courses for the use, servicing and maintenance of machines in workshop. For example, he set up a technical training as part of the Certiphyto plan (Individual certification for the use of phytopharmaceutical products). He also developped a specific training in manure spreading for workers in firms specialised in farm works.

As technical counsellor for manufacturers of farm machines, he improved his competencies by participating to various technical trainings. Always playing an active part in the farm he took over, he is particularly concerned about putting into practice a strict optimisation of machinery costs. His professional Degree in Managing and Advising Personal and Professional Careers fulfilled his skills in educational methods. His major priority is to supply a service open to everyone and suited to the field requirements. This is the reason why his actions are both mixing training courses and applications  directly on the machines.

Thanks to his multi-skilled experiences and the creation of a complete technical database, he is today in the position to satisfy ever more specialized customers. You are offered services specialized in farm machinery (see menu on the right) corresponding to the size of your strucutre : farmer, firm or manager of a cooperative (CUMA). The service can be selected from a course in group to a personalized analysis of one aspect of the machinery in your firm. Julien is defending the independance of the trainings. Objectivity in the speeches is a priority so that no fashion trends in machinery nor marketing points can distort the information given in the course. The aim of the service is the optimization of costs and savings for the customer, in operating, maintaining machinery but also through studies of investment.

Curriculum :

  • 2006 : Training Certificate in Farm Equipment Engineering
  • 2006 : Trainer in Farm Equipment
  • 2008 : Starting a cereal farm
  • 2009 : Professional Degree in Managing and Advising personal and professional careers
  • 2012 : Technical Sales Counsellor in Farm Machinery
  • 2014 : Free-lance Counsellor and Trainer in Farm Machinery
  • 2017 : Nuffield Scholar France 2018 – How to think optimal investment in farm machinery